The Event in Transit
The Event in Transit

Event in Transit Project by Kristin O'Sullivan Peren Oamaru 2015
The Event in Transit Project is an interactive stop-motion video projection of images of the Transit of Venus captured in 2012, in Dunedin, by the artist using a camera obscura and digital camera. This documentation of a phenomenon rarely seen, records the event of the planet Venus travelling across the front of the Sun.
This projection of the artists photographs allows people to share in a once in a lifetime event, by being photographed with it and then tagging into a Facebook page, thereby adding to the digital Venus Time Capsule which will be placed in a digital archive for future Transit of Venus documentation. The audience photographs, or selfies, can be viewed online at:
The Event in Transit Project references the original 1769 scientific project of recording the Transit of Venus that sent the Endeavour and its crew to New Zealand’s shores. As the Transit of Venus will next appear in our skies in 2117, it is unlikely that any of our present day population will be alive to witness it.