Breath of Light 

Northern Gateway Wellington Proposal

Breath of Light proposed to use reclaimed plastic waste, light and evolving ecology to enable a contemporary conversation. The site selected for the Northern Gateway Sculpture lies at the confluence of major movement networks of land , sea and sky in to Wellington  Breath of Light was conceived sited and developed to be experience from the land ,sea and sky  . Breath of light Straddles an active fault line, is blasted by oceans. . As a grounded series of islands Breath of Light references the geologic process's of uplift and erosion between the shifting land and sea.

Breath of light references the pre-European history of Te Upoko o te ika a Maui/Te Whanganui a Tara refer to kainga and hill top Pa located along the harbor edge; that act as Kaitiaki, guardian of the unique entry to the city.

This was Canceled by the Wellington Sculpture TRust and Wellington City Council in Response to the 7.3 earthquake in Christchurch September 2010 due to site restrictions. It has been placed in e flux home of un wanted projects.